Golf Buddies Testimonials

Dear Ruth

I am well back home and still very tired maybe from the Table mountain climbing on the last day.

All our friends appreciated your nice arrangement of itinerary and restaurants.

For each service providers, I input my feedback to your list.

  • Buhala Lodge: All Excellent!!! –  Location, facilities, restaurant menu (food and wine) and service, Leopard creek transportation service, etc
  • Oude Werf: good location, good facilities. breakfast was average. Kind service of reception.
  • Lawhill Apartment: Excellent location, overall nice furniture & equipment.  Kind services of reception. Cleaning  was not so good on certain days. Access from the main gate was not allowed (it seems it changed so recently. All drivers did not know about it and always drove out to the other end (near Water front) gate, which is also close to Lawhill. The height control bar of the parking ramp was too low for vans (top touched the bars slightly upon entrance and out). Sometimes the guard allowed our van, sometimes did not. Therefore we carried our golfbags and luggages to the ground floor gate.
  • Cape Winelands Tour: We visited Fairview (tasted 8 wines), Anthoni J Rupert (2)  and Erni Els (no tasting, just looked around and bought souvenirs.).
  • Walk to Freedom: Worth, but also a bit boring in comparison with spent time.
  • Market at Old Buisquit Mill: My friends did not like it much. I think the market and goods are not for the taste of Asians. Too hot temperature and too many people was one of the reasons too. Instead, my friends liked shopping in WaterShed at Waterfront. We spent at Old Buisquit for 2 hours only and had good rest at Lawhill.
  • Cape Point and Peninsula:  Very nice
  • Shuttle Service: Most drivers were in time and nice. One very poor service we experienced was by the driver from Pearl Valley to Oude Werf. We all have the opinion that he is a bit retarded person. poor English, not able to use GPS navigator, asked our hotel names more than 10 times (believe me). He did not know to find Church Street, after our claiming he stopped at a building and asked guards there long time, but again circled again and again. Finally, my friend used Google map with her smart phone and directed him to straight, left, right…etc. and arrived at the hotel, very little time left to take shower before going to Tokara restaurant. We worried about his job in case we directly complain to Citihopper, so we did not.
  • Golf t-times: it was mid day and too hot to play golf. The worst day was at Pearl Valley.  Too many people.

At Clovelly, I met Floriana after 9 holes. It was nice encounter.  In this golf course there was a tournament and the play was very slow…

We all said that we were lucky not having booked more golf rounding, ha ha.

  • Restaurants: All excellent, specially Oppie Dorp, Tokara, 95 Keerom, Harbour House and Belthazar.

Due to one friend (not eating meat), we ordered Sushi at Beluga and one other restaurant (forgot where)…at the end she refused to go to Nobu on our last day.  For me personally it was a pity missing Nobu.

We enjoyed wine also in each restaurant. My friends thanked you for the selection of the restaurants.

  • Itinerary:  Very nice program.

Ilios travel: our guide (Shareff Noble) was nice and clever.

Looking forward to seeing you in Switzerland soon.

Best regards

February 2017 – J.C., Walchwil & friends from Korea

The golf courses you booked were very nice and we have really enjoyed playing on such nice courses.

Golf Buddies Testimonials

January 2016 – F.J., Zurich

Comme déjà dit brièvement durant la semaine, nous avons été très satisfaits de nos vacances et de tout ce qui a été réservé pour nous. A. et moi te remercions pour tes services et nous n’hésiterons pas à recommander Golf Buddies à nos amis et nous ferons volontiers encore recours à tes services si nous décidons de retourner en Afrique du sud à l’avenir. Golf Buddies Testimonials

January 2016 – A.H. + N.W., Berne

“I wanted to tell you that you did a great job, everything worked out perfectly and we had a marvelous time. Villa Coloniale was a wonderful place to stay and Cornelia and Raymond are super hosts. Thanks for everything. We will probably be coming again in December and I’ll be in touch. All the best!” Golf Buddies Testimonials

June 2014 – Monica and Leslie

“Some time has elapsed from our trip to S-A. Overall thanks for good arrangements we really enjoyed. Scoring for your organisation:10 out of 10!” Golf Buddies Testimonials

March 2014 – Raymo

“What an excellent holiday! My wife and I got to enjoy 5 amazing golf courses. Everything was organised for us. And to think that it didn’t even cost us anything extra. Will never travel to South Africa again without having Golf Buddies organise our golfing activities.”

February 2014 – Hans

“What a great experience! Meticulously planned and executed. Very friendly liaison, we barely had to lift a finger, except on the golf course, of course. Highly recommended. Thank you very much!”

January 2014 – Arthur

We all need a holiday break from time to time, so please let us keep finding you the break that suits your specific needs.